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If this were true, fixed MixRack users that already have Dante installed in port 2, could also benefit from ME1 without a major investment in an extra Dante option card + ME-U.

Fixed format iLive does not allow to route any audio to the integrated ACE port (except surface local I/O, PFL and TB). You can use ME-1 on Port A ACE of modular iLive though.


Nicola, in the news section, I found this:


An iLive iDR-16 MixRack was employed as a system management hub for the multiple ME mixers, using the Rack’s MADI interface to connect to the main monitor mixer. 40 channels of MADI fed the iDR-16 giving access to a full blown iLive DSP system if adjustments were needed to the MADI stream.
The iDR-16 was controlled using iLive Editor leaving the ACE connection free to feed the ME-1’s.

How does this go with what you said earlier?
Since a fixed rack only has one slot and this was used for MADI, this seems that the integrated ACE-port was used, isn’t it?
I’m very very interested!!

If this works out-of-the-box, I would strongly consider of connecting my surface via network and use the ACE-port to drive some ME’s !!

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