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I don’t know your backgroundbut my first question is are the amps for the system already turned on while the console is booting up? Since I have been working with audio, the amps are usually the last thing to be turned on. I generally power up in an order like the following with or without a power sequencer…

– Inputs for console ( cordless mic receivers, cd / tape / mini disc players / etc.)
– Input processors
– Console and associated stage boxs ( mix racks)
– Output processors and auxiliary fed equipment (speaker processors, house and monitor EQs and compressors, remote mixers, aviom, hearback, mymix, zone splitters, etc.)
– Amplifiers, and powered speakers

Although, I have set up a scene on the iLive we use to mute the outputs and then assigned a softkey to recall that scene. Before shutting the console down, the operator is suppose to press this softkey so that the outputs would be muted when the system is turned on the next time just in case there would be any issues. With the console over 150 feet from the racks, if levels were left up, you wouldn’t be able to get there fast enough to mute the offending item(s) if something were to happen.

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