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I’m trying to get mine to update, no luck either… might be time to pull out the PC laptop & see if I have any joy (Mac doesn’t ‘see’ the device in Firmware manager, but it’s there in DVS & Controller)
…and there it is… maybe there’s a bug in the Mac version of the Firmware manager?
Worked perfectly on the PC, and it now recognises as the ‘Dante Option Card’ in Controller on Mac – phew!

Adam Biggs
T112 surface & iDR48
T80 surface & iDR48
MixPad for iPad & Tweak for iPhone apps
Asus N61 Laptop (x2 wireless)
Windows 7 Pro 64bit
Mac Mini Server w/Mountain Lion

with Belkin PlayMax N600 HD router
Dante card tracking into Reaper with playback via FooBar (PC) or Presonus Capture/Studio One (Mac)

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