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Originally posted by Jono Morgan

Ok tried this, no luck.

HEre is the scenario. I play drums at my church and use a stereo aux into a mixer for foldback. I have all the sends to it set as pre fade, but when the guy doing sound makes a change to the dca it effects the level of what ever is feeding into the dca through my foldback. As im using in ears and am behind a shield, this throws me off alot as I cant whip out the in ears and rely on stage sound as all I hear is drums.

Is There a different way I should have the gld set up?

From the block diagram it looks like it’s possible to route a group into an aux… do you have any groups routed into your aux or do you have input channels only?

The reason that I’m asking is that even if the send *out* of the group to the aux is pre-fade, the inputs going *into* the group bus will be post fade (and therefore affected by DCA).

Also, is your problem channels being muted or is it only level changes related to DCA fader movements?