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Please note that PL-Anet is NOT using the Ethernet protocol so the devices can, per definition, not be POE (Power Over Ethernet) powered and can not be switched to ACE (Ethernet based). It also means that You can not use Ethernet switches in a PL-Anet system. PL-Anet is (I think) using the RS485 protocol and the units are powered thru the cable.

The fact that the system uses CAT5-cables is just a “coincidence”. You can use CAT5 for a lot of things unrelated to Ethernet…

You also have to be very careful not to connect a computer (or any other Ethernet equipment) to a PL-Anet socket. It’s not good for the Ethernet equipment…

Great that’s what I was afraid of, just couldn’t find a whitepaper speced online.

I’ll order a POE injector.

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