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Another question is how i should use the “Gain or Trim” function on both consoles? Would you prefer to leave the monitor consoles on “GAIN” to setup the rack-preamps and switch FOH-Mixer to “Trim” function? Or is it better to Setup first the preams with the monitor Mixer and then switch on both consoles to Trim? We will have serveral Bands a day so i think one console should stay in “Gain-Mode”? Or is it better to swap it after Linecheck?

Maybe there will be some own FOH Engineers with the Bands… if they want to use another digital-mixing consoles like Yamaha CL5 oder Soundcraft Vi1… is it still possible to setup the FOH-MON connection with the AR-Racks? In this case.. which extend-card would you prefer?

Thanks for your help!

GLD-80 / AR2412 / AR84 / Qu-16

The gain/trim thing would depend on how organized the event is / how much of a soundcheck you get. If you’re talking about BE’s bringing consoles it’s probably big enough for proper organization and soundchecks… In that case I’d be happier setting gains during soundcheck from the monitor console then switching both consoles to trim.

If it’s less organized and the potential for random stupid problems is higher it might be a good idea to have a console with preamp control for fixing the unexpected things.

Maybe compromise those two and swap to trim after the first song…

Look at this 3 minutes in.