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Hey there.. i own a GLD-80 with both Racks AR2412 and AR84 but without any extended cards.

Soon we have a Event where i need a FOH-Mixer and a seperate Monitoring-Mixer. My suggestion was to rent a T112 for FOH and use de GLD-80 for Monitoring. What’s the best way to connect them together? I think i would need a extended-card like ACE to connect the consoles together and share then the AR-Racks from my GLD-80? Or do i need a iDR-Rack for this Setup?

Another question is how i should use the “Gain or Trim” function on both consoles? Would you prefer to leave the monitor consoles on “GAIN” to setup the rack-preamps and switch FOH-Mixer to “Trim” function? Or is it better to Setup first the preams with the monitor Mixer and then switch on both consoles to Trim? We will have serveral Bands a day so i think one console should stay in “Gain-Mode”? Or is it better to swap it after Linecheck?

Maybe there will be some own FOH Engineers with the Bands… if they want to use another digital-mixing consoles like Yamaha CL5 oder Soundcraft Vi1… is it still possible to setup the FOH-MON connection with the AR-Racks? In this case.. which extend-card would you prefer?

Thanks for your help!

GLD-80 / AR2412 / AR84 / Qu-16

I want to make sure that you’re aware that you cannot use a T112 surface without an iDR rack; the T112 is not a stand-alone mixer and cannot be used as one, and the AR racks cannot replace the iDR racks.

If you’re thinking other bands will bring consoles, you’ll almost certainly need a copper split snake.