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hey guys I am thinking of going digital. What are the pro’s and cons of using either model. I am thinking of the Ilive 112. i need recording
(at least 10 multitracks @ 96Khz)capability so a dante card + iDr 16 is my starting point. I would need to use it through a router and control it through iLive editor or iPad app. Any help or advice is appreciated.How do the preamps respond to high screams and the compressor section as well….

as stated before 48k “only” (which is still plenty)

Preamps have huge headroom. Sound exceptional as well.
Compressor is quite powerful, you won’t get an EL-8 out of any onboard digital compressor, but you get pretty darn close, better than the built-in i’ve heard on other consoles. Yes, Venue has full plugin support, but until they migrate to AAX I still think the iLive compressor sounds better

iDR-48, T-112, Mixpad
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