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You dont need to be using wedges or IEMs to use the PAFL on fader feature:
simply drag the IEM fader onto a convenient spot on the surface in the setup strip window. Then go to the PAFL tab and select ‘IEM MIX TO HEADPHONES’. now when you PFL/AFL a channel, that fader will control the level coming out of the cans together with a handy MUTE key! plus the phones rotary near the screen is still a master final level.
you could FREEZE this fader in layers so you dont lose it.



Originally posted by Chris93

I’m not using wedge or iem, not currently anyway.

If possible I’d like to be able to PAFL stuff but only have it come out of the headphones if I want it to. The signal would still go to the PAFL bus but the bus could be muted.

I think what I really want is a set of those AKG’s that mute themselves when you take them off your head. [:p]

I have the softkeys set up as sel/mix/pafl WDG 1 – 4, sel/mix/pafl FX 1-4, tap tempo, mix LR. I’m sure I could free one up if needed.


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