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There are a number of ways you can make it better – For many shows I do I only need 4 or 5 monitor sends and 3 or 4 fx sends and I set up the soft keys to select these mix sends. I have mix/select/PFL combo on those keys and link the softkey LEDs so you can always see which mix is selected. With the combo keys you will get the selected mix processing or FX shown on the main touch screen and you will hear that mix in your cans. Also – if you are not sure what mix is selected then hit ANY channel mix key twice and you WILL be on the main mix. For most shows I have sends on Rotaries – in this mode the faders are ALWAYS the main mix.
I also have scenes set up that just recall softkey settings only: I have a scene that recalls the 8 aux mix softkeys, a scene that recalls 8 fx send softkeys, a scene that recalls 8 DCA mutes and use TCPIP app on a IPod touch to recall these scenes on the fly. This gives me virtually unlimited softkeys. I am in the process of doing a video to show this in operation and I will post a link on this forum once I have it done.


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