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Thanks for your great reply :)

Well, the reason I want to achieve this is because sometimes musiciens wants the exact same result of their aux mix on many speakers but with some level up/down on each of them Different, if i just do your i/O settings with like on AR 24/12 i will be able to duplicate the output of the aux 1 or aux 2 and then get the same signal but i wont be able to control the volume of each speaker, i must do it manually by going to the stage and increase/decrease the volume of each speaker to get what they want.

Another example, if i want to use an ear monitor for like singer n’1 and he wants to get the same master signal but with different level gain on the master, how can i control his “master copy mix volume” in his ear without changing the master output on the speakers ?

Another Question :

Is there any way to save some “eq/fx/comp… preset” on a usb and load them whatever “project” i’m doing or should i always recall the same project for that i can load them (i noticed that i can’t recall a preset with the usb if i created a new project).

Sorry about my bad english, thank you a lot !