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Same problem for me, I don’t know what happen. I don’t try to downgrade today, but i will make it tomorow.

For the moment, I have no connection to the surface and no connection to the rack.

Hope we could have a reply for this problem! ;)

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Originally posted by Mattias Andersson


My problem with the update, v.1.9 via usb, was that the surface connection completely disappeared. Could not access the console in any way, not even when I entered the surface IP address, so I downgraded to v.1.83 again.
After the downgrade, I reboot and now it works as before.
I have tried to update several times but contact with the console disappears even though it is listed as OK for the update.

Any suggestions?

Allen & Heath ILIVE R72,IDR-32, wl by Cisco.

Ilive T112 + IDR48