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Hey nrixmixer and welcome to the GLD-Community!

I think it’s not possible… you would have to “GANG” 2 AUX together but in my mind you can just GANG ipnut Channels together!

Can you tell us why you would like to link them together?

If you want to do a Stereo AUX then just pick the stereo-aux! (you can choose the numbers of stereo and mono auxes in the SETUP-menu)

Another way would be that you route for example the AUX 1 to Output-channel 4 and to Output-channel 5 on the AR2412 Rack. You can do that in the I/O menu!

Last but not least… just copy/paste your settings that you did on AUX 1 to AUX 2! You need to copy once the “AUX1-overall-select” and once the “AUX1-Mix” to recieve everything from AUX1 to AUX2!

Hope that helps… or do i don’t understand what you need?

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