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and I’m ready for the flames coming at this reply from all corners of the globe.

1. It’s likely going back for qualified service.
2. There is probably some secret handshake to boot these things into a diagnostic mode (something like apply the power while holding these three keys down) if you can get somebody authorized to walk you through this it would be very wise to do that before you try any of the gonzo stuff listed below.
3. If you can’t get anywhere you could try this stuff before you ship it.

A. boot the unit with a previous version of the firmware on
a usb drive.

b. soon after turning the unit on pull the mains power cord.
c. soon after turning on the unit pull the mains power cord then plug it back in before the caps drop the power supply all the way down.
The general idea is to disrupt the current boot process in a way that causes the unit to reload the most basic instruction set and more completely rebuild it’s software during boot up.

Another basic idea is it’s FUBAR anyway so let’s bang it around a little before we ship it. In that regard I like the 3 inch free drop to reseat all the edge connectors etc without taking the unit apart. I refer to this last technique as offering it “a few taps of encouragement”. This will also work with people sometimes but it can result in arrest and imprisonment.

If this doesn’t make the mixer rethink it’s position on not booting see item 1.

Best of luck with your unit.

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