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I have 2 mono and 1 stereo matrix.




All these receive the LR mix at unity send level.

I don’t use any processing on the LR bus unless it’s an aesthetic thing. Any correction for the PA is done on the stereo “PA LR” matrix. This way the LR mix stays “pristine”. I can route the pristine LR mix to the matricies and do any processing that is necessary for that speaker system on the appropriate matrix.

I can pull frequencies that cause problems in the main room without affecting the mix heard anywhere else. I have PA LR at about -15 normally because of the “discrepancy” between the capability of the PA and the normally required SPL. [:D] Using the mtx allows me to do this without feeding a low level to the USB recording or the overflow room.

I use a mono matrix to sum left and right to one channel of the USB recording. This generally stays at unity. The other channel gets a direct out from a room mic.

OvFlw is for an overflow room, it goes through TV speakers so this is high and low passed. This generally stays at unity. This get’s an ext in from the room mic.