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DCAs do not carry audio so aren’t actually relevant for routing. DCAs control the level of inputs and it’s then up to the inputs as to where the routing goes.

I suspect you want a Matrix configured for your USB recording, you can then have a single fader for this on your surface.

Matrices are just a mix of outputs – just press the “mix” button on the matrix and adjust the level of the outputs you wish to send to the matrix (e.g. Groups or Auxes, or the main LR bus). In the IO screen you can then configure the USB recording source to be that matrix.

We do this on our setup: we have separate groups for speaking mics, singers and the band. These are then routed to the LR, so no channels go directly to the LR bus. The USB recording matrix is then a mix of the speaking mics, singers and band (and another group for the ambient microphones).

Hope that helps.