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Can not agree more with the need for an offline editor. Upfront acknowledging that it was not available at purchase and was not expected at any point. Would just be a ‘very nice to have’ item.

In our church I act as Admin / System Engineer plus BE for certain worship teams; I also have 5 other techies with varying degrees of skill and/or time. They are lucky to spend an hour or two in a week at the desk (rehearsal plus Sunday Service). Generally, the time is spent unpacking gear from locked rooms, connecting everyones amps, guitars, mics, mic stands, monitors, DI’s etc (not joking) followed by 45 mins of changes to the ‘perfect’ setting from the night before.

This is not conducive to getting around the GLD and designing your own work flow and architecture. With an offline editor each team member could spend hours re-engineering their set-ups until they find that one glorious workflow that makes them happy.

Naturally, our first and bigget concern was working out the rigging and de-rigging, which is well underway.