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Originally posted by Suman

In the gld forum reading about a lot of console got crashed.
Is there is any particular way of preventing the console from geting crasahed any time.
What we should do or not do with the console so that it does not get crashed.


Suman, We haven’t had any crashes yet. Keep in mind that if you didn’t have a crash, you wouldn’t post that on this site. Several professionals have had crashes. As stated, all digital consoles have issues, they get addressed and hopefully the software developers have great regression testing methods that minimize the risk of additional bugs being introduced into the software as features are added.

Now, there may be software bugs that are encountered when certain steps/settings are made. Again, these are very unusual and I don’t recount any for the GLD that cause a complete crash.

Suman, also most people on this forum are very helpful. Once in awhile some tempers flare but usually, even with basic questions, the responses are professional and helpful.

So, keep the software up-to-date. Keep an eye on this forum and keep using the console and ask any questions you have.



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