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Ryan Loudmouth Jenkins:

I find your answer both offensive and tremendously stupid!

Implying that the users “press to many buttons at the same time” or “a certain sequence of buttons” should cause problems is just plain dumb.
Also your assumption of the same people having problems over and over again…

Your last comment “It’s basic common sense that will prevent crashes” is just to idiotic to comment at all… Get real man!

The only thing a user can do is make sure that the firmware is up to date, and to use a high quality USB-stick. Other than that the console should just work as intended!

My GLD has crashed, went to service, came back and crashed again. Then they swapped it with a brand new one, and i have not had any trouble since. So: user errors, i think not.

But hell, what do I know? I’ve only been working as a professional FOH-engineer for 20 years, on a wide range of analogue and digital consoles…


Obviously Willy, you do not know how to read! I posted a question “Are they just unlucky or do they possibly press too many buttons at the same time or a certain sequence of buttons??? It’s hard to tell yet.”

So before you put on your holier than thou hat, read the posts a little better. A lot of us have been at this longer than you, including me. We all know that computers can crash, software bugs can show up unexpectedly and software/memory time sours can occur for many reasons. Every digital console manufacturer has had glitches and they all address them as they arise. A good number are caused by the end users!

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