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In the gld forum reading about a lot of console got crashed.
Is there is any particular way of preventing the console from geting crasahed any time.
What we should do or not do with the console so that it does not get crashed.


I own two GLDs and have too many shows on them to count. No crashes. I read about crashes and try to keep up with what the causes were.

Keep in mind that these are computers, there is always the possibility of something causing a glitch. Probably has more to do with user error then anything else. You will notice when you read these posts that it is the same people having the problems each time. Are they just unlucky or do they possibly press too many buttons at the same time or a certain sequence of buttons??? It’s hard to tell yet.

The consoles have only been out for a year, I would imagine that more bugs will be found. I don’t worry about it. I only use high quality name brand thumb drives that I know work. I keep my firmware up to date. Any guest users are locked out of certain features. It’s basic common sense that will prevent crashes.

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