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After a few weeks of using the Mixpad app, I think another great addition would be to slim down the faders a tiny bit (not the controllable area, but the screen space that they take up) so that the softkeys could be added to the left side. Softkeys are available in the editor, and would be a nice addition to the app.

For instance, the blue highlight for selected channel could be moved up next to the On toggle, and the DCA/Safe indicators could be moved to the same side as the L/C/G indicators. Then each strip could be made ever so slightly narrower to allow for adding a row of softkeys down the left side. (The “Allen&Heath” and “iLive Mixpad” text would have to be adjusted, as well, of course.)

Granted this would be a fairly major visual overhaul, as every channel setup window would need to be horizontally compressed a little as well, but it looks like there’s plenty of room. I think the softkeys wouldn’t need to be any more than about half the width of the primary selectors on the right side to be useful, so that gradient strip on the left only needs to double. Might actually have to make the controllable area of each fader strip wider to stick with the 8 on screen model…