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Originally posted by Stix

Yes that is a great feature, but the selected input also cannot be easily changed to the next or previous channel (if you are adjusting in the mix window) without going back to the inputs window. Its the same problem. Here’s hoping this will be addressed in a future upgrade…

Like adjusting the sends to different mixes, assuming that you have outputs on one layer and your inputs on the other layer, you can double tap the next input to get it to be highlighted on those outputs. You still only get 8 of each on screen at a time and have to scroll to get to the others, but it eases the pain a little.

For me, the time that Next/Previous channel would be useful is in the editor. When I’m configuring the rack to get ready for a gig, it would be great to select channel 1 and get the pop-up window. Configure it however I deem necessary, then click an arrow or something at the top of the window and be on channel 2. Rinse and repeat until all my channels are done instead of having to close the window and hit select on channel 2, then move the window from whatever arbitrary location it decided to open to the middle of the screen again and finally get around to setting up channel 2. This process gets pretty tedious after a few channels. That said, it seems that adding a means of selecting the next or previous channel would be easy enough to implement in the app, and would probably make a lot of folks happy.