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Thanks for the feedback, Stix. I spent a whole lot of time on that template and because it has a few minor glitches, I’ve been reluctant to share it on the Liine forum, but was so frustrated by the A&H app that I just had to post some screenshots. I’m not ready to provide support for my creation just yet.

Perhaps jumping straight into a big band gig revealed so starkly the limitations of the app. I’ve since done a number of jazz combo and 6-piece rock band gigs where the app was far less limited due to, as you describe, the ability to have 2 custom fader layers with up to 16 channels on screen at any time with any combination of input/fx/dca/mix etc available.

I do miss having 12 faders + either comp or gate, and in addition EQ on screen all at once though…

For today’s function I had FOH, one monitor mix, one IEM, and two auxiliary zones. One was a delay send to a slightly separate area that still had some acoustic connection to where the band was playing needing only slight augmentation. The second was to a completely isolated area, requiring a completely separate mix. With very careful configuration of my custom layers, I was able to accomplish this task for a 5 piece jazz combo with minimal sliding of each layer required.

After a few weeks of using the app, I still deem it to be mostly unusable for two very simple reasons. The sliding needs to be much more responsive. There needs to be a quicker way of selecting a mix without having to have access to the mix faders to double tap on.

There are some nice features I’ve discovered since my initial rampage. If you’re on Mix mode with mixes on one of your layers and inputs on the other, and double-tap an input, the mix layer will reflect the output levels for that input. Again this depends on a very specific configuration, but can be helpful during soundcheck if you need to adjust say solo or vocal levels in all the sends quickly. Drummer wants less vocal, keyboard player wants more, front wedges need less, patio mix needs more, isolated mix needs less, etc…

My clients are very high profile, have very high expectations, are impressed by technology, and yet don’t want to see the nuts and bolts behind the scene and don’t want those nuts and bolts to affect their event.

As a result, I have high expectations of the equipment that I use. I’ve spent a lot of time on my other equipment getting my templates dialed in for how I need to work. I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to do that this time when I tried out some new gear. I like the sound quality and form factor, just need to get the usability to where I expect.