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This is a request. A request is not a complaint or a command. I think it is quite a reasonable request.

The comments above are largely from users, great, I’m a user too.

I’m also a vendor. Having editor software would enable me to better support my customers. I could load their files and look at them while I’m at another venue or at my desk or at a Bob Evans Restaurant and help them get where they want to go or help them trouble shoot issues specific to the show/venue.

It’s another tool that competitive lines have that I’d like to have to work with. I don’t care if A&H promised it or not. We (A&H and Me) need it. It obviously costs something to write one. I’m saying it also costs something to not have one.

The surest way to windup with nothing is to wait for everything. On the other hand, the 2nd mouse always gets the cheese.