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Thanks all. Seems like each person does things a little differently and like Bob points out that flexibility is the main issue of importance.

Quick comments …

Pit Lenz … 3 was just an example. I can have 10 vocals. Now that I understand the difference between a sub group and DCA, it is the route to go when you want to increase the volume all faders equally Oh, no offense ever taken, we won’t be getting our board until later this month and I’m learning everything I can so we have an easy transition)

eotsskleet …
I’d probably use the all vocal DCA more than the men/women DCA. We currently have use vocal and instrument subgroups with our GL – I’d be lost without them.

Thanks for the reminder to use the fix at unity trick. I have soooo much to learn.

Rick Kohrs
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church – West Campus
Verona, WI