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We purchased a GLD for my church’s portable system and I *LOVE* it. LOVE it. An incredible value for the price.

BUT – an offline editor would be a nice addition for rider friendliness.

My primary touring gig is mostly an artist doing solo fly dates (artist & piano/guitar/tracks), but we do some full band fly dates as well. We just finished rewriting our rider. I had them add the GLD to the solo rider, but not the band rider, specifically because there’s no editor software to build a show file ahead of time.

The iLive made the cut for the new band rider (along with the obvious M7, CL5, and Avid desks), but the GLD is on the solo rider only, since for solo shows I can dial things in quick enough that the show file doesn’t really matter.

So yes, the GLD is an incredible desk, but editor software would potentially land it on at least one more rider than it’s currently on.

So what you are saying s that you can’t afford to buy a $5.00 thumb drive and save a show file on it? Get real! You’ll waste more time dicking around with an offline editor than you ever would just getting up there and making a mix happen. I have mixed hundreds of bands on my GLDs and never once did I think to myself that I wished I had spent four hours the night before building a show file for a days worth of festival bands.

There are a very few instances where I think an offline editor would be handy.

Trust me, I have had a few requests from A&H for the GLD, most notably with regards to the scenes which didn’t work correctly in the beginning. Particularly having next/previous scene soft key options. They worked that out.

The GLD is small enough to set it on a desk and intuitive enough to build a show within two or three minutes while sitting there. I could probably have a complete scene built before your computer finished booting and you started on off line editor.

Any of us that have been in this business for more than 10 years (24 years or me) know the these fancy digital toys we have are luxuries. We used to build our mixes on the fly in a matters of a few minutes using racks of gear. We had to rematch cables on the back of consoles to get comps and gates on the correct channels and groups to our liking. We had total recall of all our settings in our fingertips, not on our thumb drives, we carried pictures or diagrams of our console settings to get back to where we were after the opening act screwed up our settings.

A&H has mentioned many times on these forums that an offline editor was not a priority for the GLD. They did however provide three very good preset show files with the console that would be great for about 97% of the performers out there and can be edited way faster than it would take with an offline editor!

2 X GLD80
2 X AR2412
1 X AR84