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Originally posted by John S

An off-line editor would be a great addition to the GLD. I too run sound for musical plays and found Yamaha Studio Manager very helpful. My old Yamaha 01v96 can be purchased for about $1200 used these days and it has an off-line editor. Used for quick set-up and an overall picture during plays it is a huge time saver.

I was thinking of starting a list of what my old 01V96 has that my new GLD does not (especially at 8 to 10 times the purchase price). I must admit to feeling a bit ripped off when I think of what I had to give up to get the GLD.

Oh, to the person who asked about the old days and mixing analog. We chose to buy new technology and enter the present. We have a reason to expect or at least ask for features that are in much cheaper offerings. I have little need for the iPad option but do not ask people what they did in the old days. I see good applications for the iPad too, just not now for me.

If you purchase a new computer you expect your new one to have at least the horsepower your old one had. If your new computer only allowed 100 megs of RAM you would not be happy I am sure.

Thank you

Good grief – spare us the whaaaambulance. I’ve got a couple 01v96s that i will trade for your GLD so you feel less ripped off. I would love a spare GLD and would gladly give up all those “missing features” from my 01vs to do it.

It would be great if A&H implemented every feature on everyone’s wish list, and certainly pricing pressure from other low cost options increases the odds of getting those features to stay competitive, but it’s a little much to blame the manufacturer that they’re missing a critical feature and you’ve been ripped off, even though they have never ever indicated they would have that feature. If it is that big a deal, you should have bought something else, or stuck to your Yamahas.