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Very nice work on that Yamaha Lemur template pngaudioguy! I especially like the fact that you have 12 faders accross each page and direct mix access. I can’t understand why so many mix apps limit this to 8 channels when there is room for 12 channels. I have made custom touch OSC templates for the iPad for other brand hardware where I also have 24 faders on a page (2 x 12ch)plus room for side selection options and I have no problems using them with my large hands. While I don’t own any Presonus gear I have sold them and their SL-Remote app has 12 channel faders across pages plus direct easy mix selection. Behringer Xi Control app has direct mix select (sends on faders), On Yamaha mix apps you can side swipe the Mix on Faders area to change the selected mix by one(next or Previous mix)or tap for a slide out mix select menu. Mixpad’s saving grace is that in Mix mode and with the Custom window tabs you can have two 8 ch windows open with any 16 strips displayed (any combination of Inputs/Mix/FX/DCA). This is a powerful feature but it does require some pre planning set up to suit each show.


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