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Originally posted by vilddyrIt would also open up a world of support tickets for.

I would prefer more and cheaper surfaces.

A&H could easily just say, sorry – we don’t provide support for aftermarket products used with our system, only our official products. No need to have support tickets for that. Their policy could be clearly stated that should you choose to use 3rd party controls, you’re on your own to make sure they work right.

Weren’t you already saying that their interfaces feel cheap as is? Why would you want cheaper surfaces? If their expensive surface feels cheap, imagine how flimsy an inexpensive surface would feel!

I fully agree with woutert that it would allow us to stop complaining about missing features in the A&H app. You could supplement their system with whatever feature it is you personally feel is missing using your own template. You could share that template with the community for whoever else feels the desire to do something similar, of course, with the caveat that they’ll have to adjust parameters to match their system configuration. Anyone who is delving into Lemur will know that anyway, though.