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The iLive is a great system, let A&H work on improving it, not worry about solutions that will eventually hurt surface sales – the surfaces are already too expensive.

Weird reasoning. You’d be surprised how iDR-sales could be raised by allowing crowd-sourcing.
Closing off environments has never helped sales on the long term, although some companies seem to keep on thinking like that.

And only people that use/own an iDR are potential surface clients!

Actually I would love to be able to share lemur-projects with interfaces optimized for certain use (small bands, theater,…).

Just think of this iLive online community that would work together on ideal interfaces, rather than just complaining about the official interface :-)

There’s not a single reason to think that this could hurt the image of the brand. It just offers even more possibilities.

There is indeed a market out there of people that want to mix professionally whilst keeping stuff completely portable! That’s definitely a part of A&H’s iLive market, or it could be if they recognize the potential.

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