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vilddyr – Interesting viewpoint. I agree that it does open it up to an array of possibilities, and I can imagine that as a result getting one on a rider correctly would be a challenge. For the work I do, a rider is not important, because I work with one dedicated group that carries all our own equipment, so haven’t had to deal with a rider in quite some time.

Due to the cost of the control surfaces, we opted not to get one. We had been mixing all our shows from an iPad for the last year or two anyway, using a custom interface I’d designed on Lemur to control a Yamaha console – which, includes a list of full MIDI protocol, yet is on almost every budget rider out there… The console sat on stage and basically did what the iLive rack is doing for us now, except it took up more space.

It seems that people have been requesting an easier way to switch mixes on the app from A&H for several years now, yet it has not been integrated. If I knew the sysex commands, I could drop them in my template and be up and running in a matter of hours. Granted, had I known the sysex commands, I wouldn’t have given A&H an extra $100 for the app, so they’ve got that going for not making the protocol public.