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Originally posted by mark@foothillsbaptist.org

At the FOH position, we will have a T112 Surface connected to a iDR-64 through the built in ACE. In port B will be a Dante card that will go to a gigabit switch that will be connect to a computer with a Virtual Dante for recording.

All good so far.


An iDR-0, with a Dante card in port A and an ACE card in port B, will be on stage and connected to the gigabit switch.

The problem here is that the iDR0 cannot sync from Port A, also patching to / from Port A is limited in the number of channels due to the fact it is typically used for the MixRack to Surface link.


My alternative would be have an ACE card in port b of iDR-64 connected to an iDR-16 with the MMO in its port B, and not have the recording.

This presents the same issue as above. A few ideas:

– Fit an ACE card in Port B of the iDR-64, as you say, then connect two xDR-16s, one with Dante (for recording), one with MMO (for Aviom output).
– Keep Dante in Port B and go ME-U and ME-1 instead of Aviom, as dburris mentioned. You get a superior system with up to 40 sources to mix for each musician.
– Use a modular iLive-112 with ACE in Port A (connected to the iDR-64) and MMO in Port B (for Aviom output).

I hope this helps