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Thanks for the massive configuration list, arsound. I’ll try some of that out and see if it makes it more stable. I like the idea of having the router where it should be at .1, with everything else above that. Makes more sense with a typical configuration, especially if the MixRack isn’t configured to provide DHCP.

As promised, here are some screencaps of my Lemur template that to me makes perfect sense. I know that it’s a completely different direction from what A&H has gone, but will demonstrate the things I think should be readily accessible, anyway. There’s plenty of space on the common page to add a tab for the additional limiter/de-esser that the Yamahas don’t have – if I can just figure out the control commands…


This first one is my main page. The maroon page buttons in the top left corner select banks of 8 channels (completely customizable) to pull up in the left 8 channels (green is selected.) The right 4 channels don’t change. This template is sending Yamaha DM1000 MIDI commands. Obviously, the “Outs” selects Master sends, and that page does remove the 4 channels to make room for 4 additional output faders.

The blue buttons on the bottom half select mixes to work on; the faders move accordingly, and background color of fader changes to blue to make a quick visual indicator that I’m not on the FOH mix. They’re a little hard to see, but the row of dots along the left side of each fader are LED’s that illuminate depending on input level, yellow at -9dB progressing to red at 0dB. No HA control on DM1000, but lets you know if you have to walk to the console and adjust a gain knob. The green dot in the comp section is a gain reduction meter, each LED is a 3dB step, with gradual color fade to red with more compression, same meter for gate tab. Verb button is a quick toggle for my vocal verb FX send aux. Pressing the channel name dark green button selects that channel and all gate/comp/eq settings update to reflect that channel, as does the green label in the center.


For this page, I eliminated the pages and channel on/off toggle opting to use the channel label for on/off to save screen space. No point in having a select anyway without controls to use on it. This is my during show default page where I have access to 24 faders and mutes, and single-button access to any mix. If you turn off multi-gestures on the iPad, you can use all 4 fingers of both hands simultaneously, if you’re brain can keep track of which finger is going which direction, that is. I have large hands, and have no problems moving adjacent faders opposite directions.

PS – I don’t know why this template doesn’t have the Verb mute on the mix page above the mix select buttons. Most of them do, so I’ll have to patch that ;)