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How do you/can you: Globally set an aux to pre/post fade. The routing screen looked like it globally set the ‘tap point’, but not the pre/post fade.

And, on the PEQ screen for the efx racks outputs, why don’t the ‘channel strip’ (left of touch screen) EQ controls become active for this PEQ

First press the blue Mix button of the Aux you want to change.
If you press the green “pre/post” key in the middle together with a channel select key (also green), it will change the status of that single channel. Pressing the “pre/post” key together with the green select key of the Aux master will change ALL of the channels at the same time. The pre or post status is shown ( in veeeery small letters) on the lower right side of the channel strip above the faders.

The Fx send channels have no EQS, the FX returns do have them, they also show on the left (physical button) side.

Hope that could help…
Pit. [:)]