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I am a little curious about the positioning in the low end market as well. I just watched the CX April news and they mentioned a price of around $3800 in Australia which would put it squarely in price competition with the Presonus 32 and the X32 but of which have 32 channels rather than 16.

Now, I really like the feature set of the Qu-16 particularly the buttons down the right for the sends – something I wish I could do on the iLive preferably with a set of MIDI buttons or a controller.

But, sitting here, two thirds of the way through implementing a standardisation for our smaller church campus venues on Presonus 16s I am feeling a little bit like its too little too late.

However, I look forward to being proven wrong and seeing a proliferation of Allen and Heath kit through the world again :)

Duncan Whitcombe
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Perth, Australia
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