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So here is my configuration info.

Apple AirPort Extreme

Model: 802.11n (5th Generation)
Firmware version: 7.6.3
Security: WPA2 Personal
IP address (static):
Subnet mask:
Router address:
Network NOT hidden
Radio mode: 802.11a/n – 802.11b/g/n (Automatic)
2.4 GHz channel: Automatic (usually 6)
5 GHz channel: Automatic (usually 36)
Router mode: DHCP only
DHCP range: to
No reservations
DHCP lease: 1 day
Connected to iDR32 via Cat5e cable


iDR32 V1.90
IP address:
Subnet mask:

MacBook Pro

2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
4 GB memory
Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5
Manual IP address (not DHCP) for Ethernet connection only, WiFi turned off
Connected to MixRack via Cat5e cable
IP address:
Subnet mask:
Router: (so that MacBook can still communicate with the MixRack if the router goes down)

iLive Editor



1 iPad2 running iOs 6.1.3
2 iPad2s running 5.1.1
All are DHCP clients connecting to 5GHz network only


All V1.91

I place the iDR32 on stage somewhere near the band, often with the AirPort Extreme sitting on top of MixRack, as long as there is line-of-sight, otherwise I move it up higher. MacBook Pro placed wherever it’s convenient.

Obviously long Ethernet cables are required to connect the AirPort Extreme and MacBook to the iDR32.

Usually have everything configured via the Editor prior to the event, then use the iPad for sound checks and running the show.

Normally have a maximum of 16 inputs to watch at any one time, so refreshing of the screen is not a major issue.

I don’t do complicated events and usually sit in the audience or stand no more than 60-80 feet away from the stage. Often someone else is on stage handling monitors with either an iPad or the Editor.