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Thanks for the responses, guys. I know it’s incredibly bad form to come out swinging, but for the amount A&H asks us to pay for this app, it’s EXTREMELY disappointing that it’s not more polished.

arsound – I’d be interested to hear how you’ve specifically worked around the sliding fader lag thing, and selecting mixes.

zblebt – I’m also using an iPad 3. I found the Yamaha apps to be quite limited as well, but since they offer 100% control via MIDI, it didn’t bother me since I could just create my own.

Stix – Sounds to me like you have the same 2 biggest gripes I do. Slow redraws, and poor mix selection method. For today’s gig I actually had the luxury of being in a theater, complete with FOH position, so I took advantage of the desk to setup my laptop via wifi and have the editor open alongside the iPad. Worked better than just the app, though I’m going to have to read the section in the manual about aux routing to figure out how to make the monitors mute when I turn off a channel on the main mix. Apparently PRE means before the On/Off toggle…

audioamerica – If you read my whole first post (admittedly way too long), you’d notice that I’ve been using an iPad and router for the past few years. Specifially, my iPad 3 and router have been working together since July of last year. The ONLY thing that changed in my rig was swapping out an 01V96, and swapping in an iDR-32. That shouldn’t suddenly cause me to have to buy a new router, new iPad, new something else, etc. My rig worked flawlessly at a gig on Tuesday night with the 01V and Lemur, then trouble city on Saturday night with the iDR-32 and native app, so to me that indicates the problem is not the hardware.

I’ll figure out how to get some screencaps of my Lemur template to share on here so you can see what I think is a much more logical workflow. [;)]