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I have to admit that I also don’t like the SLOW fader redraws/ scroll and the inability to quickly change the selected mix or selected channel if you have moved away from its home window. Some time ago I suggested using the two buttons in the top right corner ( that display current mix or processing channel) could be used to change the selected mix or channel. I note that someone else here recently suggested a drop down menu when you hit one of those buttons to change selection. I would like the ability to link the selected mix and processing channel and then the ability to easily change that selection to a different mix ( or channel). Perhaps when both mix and processing selection are the same then those buttons could change to become a next and previous mix ( or channel) instead of just being selection indicators. Like pngaudioguy I also find it really slow to have to ( for example) select the mix window, scroll to the desired mix, double click to select mix, click on the mix channel to select processing, then return to your inputs to make level or processing changes for that mix.
I don’t generally use Mixpad to actually “mix” FOH on as Im old school and prefer real hardware – however I use it lots for walking around soundcheck of monitors and when working on a monitor mix I like to leave the GEQ/spectrum analyser on the top and inputs or custom inputs on the bottom window. In this config the only major problem is the inability to select another mix quickly! Same applies if you have selected an input channel mix and have then gone to your mix outputs window to set levels etc. if you want to select a different channel mix it’s back to your input window, scroll, wait for scroll redraws, find your channel (which could end up anywhere across the iPad because it scrolled!) double click to select mix, single click to select channel processing , return to mix output window, scroll to mix …. You get the idea.
Now I know I can set up the custom windows and dual mix windows and this is ok – if you take the time to preconfigure them but inevitably there are channels or mixes that aren’t available on the custom windows and need lots of slow scrolling to find. Painfully slow! On top of that – no fx editing, scene recalls, routing assignments etc. It’s kind of “almost” a mixer replacement ….. But you still need the mixer (or Editor). Don’t get me wrong – I use it on nearly every gig and love the abilities it does have – it just could be considerably better!


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