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Update: I got in touch with our locale A&H support reps., who by the way provided awesome support and they were able to get me up and running again. It turns out there is an issue with the USB drives and the hard drive filling up with garbage. I don’t know all the specifics but once the files are removed the board boots normally. I’m sure A&H will explain it better in their release notes in the upcoming maintenance release. Anyway the support was awesome and our local support team were working on the problem by early morning. The good news is, there is a work around so if you run into this problem get into touch with A&H ASAP and they will get you back up running in no time.
The other thing they told me was, don’t remove a USB drive before it completes the read/write cycle. I’ve never done this but apparently this can cause a similar failure. So I thought it would be good to mention on the forum for other GLD users.

Martin Bomer