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I can use any part or piece of my iLives to mix and match: no mixer, single mixer, side car mixer, dig split, dual rack etc… I can fly with a single rack and mix a show on just a laptop and still have all of my processing. Or go in a venue that wont support FOH console, not that I like that, but it is an option. Not to mention some of the price is for the R&D like the editor software.

I like these aspects as well. I just don’t understand the segmentation and non-compatibility in the product line up. Love um or hate um, Behringers X32 product line provides a cohesive solution and interoperability from a rack only to their full 32 channel board. Same with the Midas PRO series, everything is compatibile and you match the architecture to your needs. Not to mention the dropping price points.

Instead we are see investments from Allen and Heath in the GLD series now this Q series (both not compatible with iLive-their flagship product and where WE have all invested money!). I am not complaining really, I just don’t understand.