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Hi Martin.

Sorry to hear about your problems, but it all sounds so familiar I am afraid…
You can read my post regarding similar problems here:


It was shipped to service after the first time, came back, worked (just tried it at home) a couple of days, put it away for a week, and when i should go to work it failed again.
I got a brand new mixer from the dealer, and it has worked for two gigs now, so I hope it will continue this way…

The dealer wanted to change some of the hardware in my old mixer (they got it back and wanted to use it as a demo-mixer after repairing it). It seems to me that your problems also may not just be software-related, but I’m no expert though…

Anyway: Best of luck to you. Keep us posted on how things turn out [:)]

PS: I also come from the Presonus (SL24) and had to hire one for the two gigs that my old GLD let me down, and you know what: it worked every time, also the Capture-software, and VSL control were hassle free. DS