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Just a quick update. In my experience you need to be prepared to experiment a bit to get MixPad working reliably. I’ve found that the ideal WiFi settings vary, probably dependant on the radio environment of the venue. Sometimes 2.4GHz is best, other times 5 GHz. Securing the AP can be an issue – I’ve sometimes had success leaving the AP open when using WPA has caused problems. Sometimes auto channel selection is OK, other times it needs to be fixed – tonight I tried 4 channels before I found one that gave me stability.

At least it’s reasonably quick to sort out. If I have difficulty with a particular setting it tends to drop out within 2 minutes. If it lasts beyond that then it’ll be OK for the rest of the gig. I now have the procedure that the laptop and AP are wired to the mixrack as early as possible during setup so that I can test and tweak settings while I’m cabling the stage.

Also make sure that the AP is well separated from any in-ear monitor transmitters.