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I’m also very new to iLive and how the system works. Just got an iDR-32 mixrack only, no surface. I connected up to it with the editor, and got it all setup for a gig tomorrow. Then I figured maybe I could backup my scene so I could tinker with it in offline mode. I spent about an hour trying to figure out how to transfer “to USB”, which in my case is actually the Documents folder on the hard drive since the mixrack doesn’t have a physical USB port.

From what Ray said, I gather I need to actually put my scene in a show, then transfer the show? Why does the scene import-export menu have a “Copy to USB” option, then? I only work with one band that has 3 variations and don’t need to store shows or anything, just a few different scenes with different channel configurations depending on horns / no horns, etc.

Thanks for helping me with this learning curve!


You do need to save a show! that is how your entire setup will be recognized and repeated, While you can get away with setting everything of the cuff I would still like to start up my mixrack in a “known” state. Also that is the only way to save your scenes….

The way iLive handles scenes is a bit different from other typical digital boards….for one thing it associates scenes with show files…so if you want to work on a show that started life from an offline editor session, you must save those scenes to a show file , then, when you are online (connected to an idr) you can recall these scenes thru the show file from the editor and then subsequent scenes (a show can have 250 scenes)……since you already have found out that there is no usb port on the mixrack obviously you cannot use this for scene transfers….that is for use with a surface (in these cases, scenes are also stored to the touchscreen ).

The proper way to achieve what you want is to first set up your “virtual console” in editor the way you want …inputs,outputs, preferences, sockets assignments midi etc……once it is to your liking save this to a scene using the store all button….that will save the entire layout of your desk….after that if you need additional scenes only save the changes in the desk. (update and filter with only the parameters you need to change …(EQ ch 1-12 for ex.) ….when you’re done with all these archive the show file , it will now contain all the scenes as you ‘ve implemented them.and they will be available for recall when you go online (they will be stored in your computer)……there are lots of posts about scenes and usb on the discussion boards …the link I posted in the last reply is a good place to start learning about how the ilive handles things.

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Hope this helps