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I for one hope they continue with the iLive series. I have owned a GLD-80 system and own several iLive systems and suspect I will grab a QU-16 if it performs as advertised.

For me the iLive provides something that the GLD does not do as well… scalability and redundancy. GLD also requires you to carry the mixer to use even if you only need 1 channel.

I can use any part or piece of my iLives to mix and match: no mixer, single mixer, side car mixer, dig split, dual rack etc… I can fly with a single rack and mix a show on just a laptop and still have all of my processing. Or go in a venue that wont support FOH console, not that I like that, but it is an option. Not to mention some of the price is for the R&D like the editor software.

With iLive, I find it easier to have redundancy knowing with 2 mix racks I have 2 systems that can easily be expanded or provide identical processing redundancy even if you loose the controllers.

GLD is more expensive to have mission critical redundancy (if you need it). You must have 2 GLD-80 to start with, then deal with expansions as needed.

So I still feel iLive very much has a place, and looks like other vendors like that concept as they are creating DPS based rack mixers.

I think these options are great because you have choices to get what you need based on what you do…

just my .02 cents

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