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I’m also very new to iLive and how the system works. Just got an iDR-32 mixrack only, no surface. I connected up to it with the editor, and got it all setup for a gig tomorrow. Then I figured maybe I could backup my scene so I could tinker with it in offline mode. I spent about an hour trying to figure out how to transfer “to USB”, which in my case is actually the Documents folder on the hard drive since the mixrack doesn’t have a physical USB port.

From what Ray said, I gather I need to actually put my scene in a show, then transfer the show? Why does the scene import-export menu have a “Copy to USB” option, then? I only work with one band that has 3 variations and don’t need to store shows or anything, just a few different scenes with different channel configurations depending on horns / no horns, etc.

Thanks for helping me with this learning curve!