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I’d like to suggest a dSnake box with AES outs:

An “AR-84D” (digital) – two AES outs instead of 4 analog ones. Same total I/O capacity, nearly identical box hardware just one less XLR connection.

Amplifiers (Crown, Lab Gruppen, New Ashly, etc), Digital Wireless Mics (Shure ULX-D, etc), System Processors… AES is everywhere these days. SoundCraft’s new low-cost digital stage box has AES outs on the primary model. I realize there is 1 AES output at the desk, but to get that to an amp rack on stage you’d need an AES return as long as your CAT5 snake, which defeats the purpose a bit, and thats only two outputs.

If you wanted something more generally marketable, an Allen & Heath generic breakout box similar in some ways to the ME-U would get the job done also:

A 1U box with AES I/O, plus an input card slot like your ME-U for dSnake, Dante, or ACE.

I’m not a GLD owner, but if splitting via dSnake gets sorted out and an AES solution released I’d be one.