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Originally posted by mshifflett

I just got my first iDR32. I am having a similar problem with scenes. I had created a generic scene with the offline editor that I wanted to use as a starting point when I received my unit. I went to export that scene from the offline mode and the transfer buttons are grayed out. I feel pretty dumb at this point, how can I get around this? Also, what are the green check marks beside the scene names?

First , you should have some very basic knowledge of how to use the ilive….in an offline mode of course you can’t transfer anything to the idr since they are not connected!!…..what you need to do is save that scene to a show file…..then connect to your idr , when starting the ilive editor you will be offered 3 choices ..offline, online mixrack and surface and mixrack…choose mixrack (since you don’t seem to have a surface) then recall the show file containing the scenes you want to use ….green ticks means there is content in those scenes…you can get online help if you click the” ? ” in any window in the editor….this is a good place to look to get you started https://www.allen-heath.com/UK/Products/Pages/CategoryDocument.aspx?CatId=iLiveSeries&SID=29