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I believe the Linux version lags a bit behind Win and Mac. I’ve installed virtualbox with a Windows install, and the iLive editor v1.9 for Windows seems to run just fine in that.

I looked into the native Linux editor, and since it’s Live mode only, doesn’t allow for preconfiguring inputs, etc before a show. Just a thought.

I agree with your points. But I don’t recall the Linux release lagging *this* much. I hoped this all would’ve been sorted out by now, especially if the Linux version was mentioned in the Readme way back when.
I too have run Editor in Windows within a virtual machine without issues, so I have no question it works. My immediate problem is Linux does what I need in my application, and I’d have to go out of my way to buy yet another Windows license to run it in a virtual machine just to run Editor. I can deal with the lack of offline configuration, and that Editor is provided as-is without support and so forth for Linux. I run dual mix racks, so the offline point is moot. I just was hoping to continue my Linux workflow from firmware version 1.83, as it’s only recent that I updated my iLive firmware to 1.9.

Allen & Heath, any reply on this?