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We’ve got the AR2416 and 2) AR84 installed, but they’re all in the rack room near the stage, not in the sound booth.

I’ll have to experiment further with assigning the stereo channels, I guess I missed the option to assign to 2 mono channels. If I can do that, problem is solved.


You’re completely free to assign any input socket (be that mic preamp, RCA connector, USB audio playback, or I/O card) to any input processing channel.

One hitch–you’ve got the maximum number of stage racks so there are 44 mic preamps in your system and only 44 mono input processing channels. So if you take two of those mono channels and assign them to the RCA inputs you’ll only have 42 mono processing channels available for your preamps–though you may be able to put two mic preamps into the stereo input processing channel you’re freeing up if you’ve got any stereo sources on stage.