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Logic will record fine on your Mac. I have an older Macbookpro and can record 64 tracks to an external firewire800 drive. You will need a gigabit Ethernet connection however for higher track counts. Reaper does have simpler matrix routing of I/O to tracks. Connect your Mac via Ethernet cable to your router or direct to your dante card and turn off it’s airport wireless. Run Dante controller and your hardware should be discovered.
Have a look at the ILive and Dante webinar videos here: https://www.allen-heath.com/UK/Products/Pages/iLiveTrainingVideos.aspx?TOV=1&CatId=iLiveSeries&SID=36 Part 3 and 4 videos should be most useful even though you are on a GLD so there are differences.
You can assign whatever audio signals you want to record from the GLD outputs screen however you can’t record a DCA as it is not an audio signal! A DCA is a control signal. Good luck!


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